For Birds


Activity Ring

  • Loaded with fun activities, this toy is sure to keep your birdís interest!
  • Bell and ball offers fun sounds
  • Canvas streamers are fun to unknot and pull

Cozy Pocket

  • Soft interior fabric is cozy for birds to hide
  • Outside pocket contains buckwheat pouch that can be micro-waved for warmth
  • Open on bottom for easy perching

Dome Pull

  • Dome Pull is a bird playing toy that reduces boredom to ensure a happy environment.
  • Non-toxic material will hold up to the most enthusiastic play.
  • Sisal filled streamers and rope ties are fun to untie and pull.

Enchanted Branch

  • Enchanted Branch is a perching toy that adds health and fun to a caged environment.
  • The branch tapers to different size diameters, keeping feet healthy.

Knotty Fun

  • Fabric streamer are filled with sisal for crunchy appeal
  • Ropes are fun to unknot and pull
  • Over-molded texture on ring adds more interest

Preening Paper Tube

  • Provides hours of challenging, shredding fun!
  • Satisfies birdís natural desire to preen
  • Great for all sized birds

Preening Ball

  • Satisfies birdís natural desire to preen
  • Multiple activities to untie, unknot and strip rope and sisal streamers
  • Great for any sized bird

Rope Ladder

  • Rungs taper in diameter to keep feet healthy!
  • Rungs are over-molded for interest and comfort
  • Great for small to medium sized birds

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