For Dogs


Orka Mini Chew

  • Mini sized for the smaller dog
  • Fun denim streamers and multiple textures add fun and interest
  • The perfect toy for your toy sized chewer


Orka Pine Cone Chew

  • One piece construction adds to durability
  • Pine cone shape provides smooth, oval textures to provide continuous gum massage when chewed
  • Cotton rope helps remove soft tarter



Orka Stick

  • Orka material stands up to tough chewing
  • Stick shape can be tossed and retrieved
  • Interesting textures massage gums as dog chews
  • Cotton ropes help remove soft tartar to enhance dental health


Orka Tennis Ball

  • Durable one piece construction for added strength
  • Great to throw or use with launchers
  • Fun to fetch, bounce and retrieve
  • Textures add interest and massage gums

Orka Tube

  • Tube shape easy to grasp and chew
  • Knotted denim rope helps remove soft tartar
  • Great size for any dog

Puppy Cool Teether

  • Soothes new gums and helps satisfy urge to chew
  • Knotted streamers easy to chew for any size puppy
  • Soft plush will not harm young gums


Puppy Cuddle Pal

  • Filled with buckwheat and can be micro-waved to provide warmth
  • Soft, cozy shape can be cuddled for comfort when sleeping or stressed
  • Microwave for 30 seconds, stays warm for approx. 45-60 minutes

Rag Rope Ball

  • Easy and fun to throw for more vigorous interaction
  • Made of durable cotton rope and denim
  • Perfect size to chase and return

Rubber Smile Disc

  • Durable natural rubber toy bursting with color!
  • With a variety of textures the 'Just for Fun' range will provide hours of chomping fun!

Rubber Textured Ring

  • Solid rubber toy
  • Multiple textures add interest
  • Offers hours of chewing

Soothing Treasure

  • Part of the Petstages Soothing Range. promotes dog to stay still and calm whilst working to free treats.
  • Treats can be placed inside the cage to add interest and
  • Raised nodules help to gently clean teeth and gums whilst your dog chews.

Spider Ball

  • Multiple sounds, actions and textures
  • Durable center ball
  • Tethers add great movement
  • Great for pull and toss'

Toss and Retrieve

  • A thick cotton-blend rope provides easy fetchability.
  • Floppy design appeals to your dog s natural urge to shake things.
  • Bright, fun colors make the Toss and Retrieve easy to spot.

Triple Textured Bone

  • Durable natural rubber toy bursting with color!
  • Rugged solid rubber toy
  • Tempting variety of textures
  • Hours of chomping fun

Twin Pull

  • Two balls include fabric ties for added interest
  • Dumbbell shape is easy to grab and toss when alone at play
  • Bungee action of tethers provide movement when in play
  • Perfect for inside or outside play

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