For Cats


Cat CuddleToy

  • Sturdy coil cave has only one end open and provides security for your scaredy cat!
  • Cozy material is padded for comfort
  • Folds flat for storage when not in use

Cozy Calming Mat

  • Filled with buckwheat and can be micro-waved to provide warmth
  • Chewy streamers offer added interest
  • Durable plush shell can be machine washed as needed

Fishy Fun 2 Pack

  • Filled with catnip and catnip stalks, for more fun and crunchy feel
  • Nylon shell is durable and will not run when pierced by kitty teeth
  • 2 PACK for twice the fun!
  • Canvas streamers are fun to unknot and pull

Hide & Seek

  • Large Cup Conceals Toy In Hide And Seek Game With Cat.
  • Toy Is Filled With Catnip For Greater Interest.
  • Long Ribbon Is Retractable To Dance Or Play Hide And Seek.
  • Sure Grip Handle For Comfortable Play.

Jester Ribbon Wand

  • Action Abounds With 5 Fun Toys Each Toy Offers A Different Play Value.
  • Wand Ring Helps Eliminate Tangles.
  • Varied Motion Of Each Of Each Object Keeps Cat Interested.
  • Includes 5 toys per pack.

Kitty Scratching Ramp

  • Extra long corrugated ramp allows cats to stretch and scratch
  • Includes lightweight bug toy for batting fun
  • Catnip packet included for added interest

Orka Catnip Stuffer Mouse

  • The Orka Kat Catnip Stuffers by Petstages is a wonderful toy that your cat is sure to love.
  • Stuff it with fresh catnip or cat treats and let your cat go crazy with this fun interactive cat toy.
  • The little bumps on the Orka Kat Catnip Stuffer promotes dental health.

Pounce N Play

  • 2 kinds of feathers offer different movement and attraction
  • Cord can "dance" for added movement

Feathered Fun

  • Our feathered fun wand toy will get your kitty off the couch + wanting to play.
  • Packed with colourful feathers + crinkly ribbons to keep your kittys interest this toy is fun to bat + chase.

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