For Baby


Multi Plates 5 pack

  • Comes 5 to a package
  • Safe, non-toxic plastic
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Ideal plates for babies 6+ months

Powdered Formula Dispenser

  • Ideal for powdered formula or rice cereal
  • Snap-tight lid and easy-pour spout are great for travel
  • Removable lid makes cleaning and filling easy

Replacement Straws

  • Patent pending, soft, flexible spill- proof straw
  • Fits all munchkin flip-top straw cups
  • Available in bright, fun colors
  • Ships in assorted colors

Safe View Mirror

  • Mirror views baby at any angle
  • Fits all cars
  • Can be removed at any time

Snack Catcher

  • Domed container holds 9 oz. of dry snacks
  • Protective bottom keeps tabletops scratch-free
  • A place to write child's name on the bottom
  • Pack of 1 or 2 Snack Catchers

Soap Dispensing Bottle Brush

  • Clean bottles and sippy cups with ease
  • Handle is shaped for comfort
  • Grip is non-slip, even when wet
  • Nylon bristles are durable, but won’t scratch bottles
  • Top rack dishwasher safe

Soft Tip Infant Spoons 6 Pack

  • Pack of 6 spoons
  • Ideal for 3+ months

Stay Put Suction Bowls 3 Pack

  • Suction base won’t separate from bowl
  • Pack of 3 bowls (small, medium, large)
  • Ideal for 6+ months

Steam Guard TM Microwave Sterilizer

  • Holds almost any bottle brand and sizes
  • Fits up to 4 bottles and 2 breast pump shields
  • This microwave sterilizer is lightweight and compact to fit all standard microwaves

The Big Brush

  • Rubber handle is non-slip even when wet
  • The soft nylon bristles have big scrubbing power

The Medicator

  • Easy, safe and accurate way to get medicine into your baby
  • Ideal for 0+ months

White Hot Safety Sun block Car Shade

  • Large 14” size gives lots of sun protection
  • White Hot® disc feature helps keep baby safer

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